Our Partnership with
Sound Income Strategies

Your Best Interests Will Always Come First

At All Needs Planning, we know from experience how important it is for special needs families to design and manage their Funding Strategy within a framework that addresses the broader financial needs of the whole family. We also know that it’s important for us to be able to offer and manage strategies customized to the needs and goals of families at every stage of their journey. That is why we chose to partner with Sound Income Strategies, a nationally recognized Registered Investment Advisory and money management firm.

Whether you are a young family just starting early intervention services or a couple whose child is transitioning into adulthood, Sound Income Strategies can help us provide you with a customized financial strategy that meets your funding needs, addresses your financial goals, and is right for your stage of life and personal risk tolerance.

If, for example, you are still in your 30s or 40s and your main goal is to grow your savings for the future, through Sound Income Strategies we can help you achieve that goal more strategically and with less risk by shifting part of your investment focus from capital gains to stock dividends.

More Options

The investment specialists at Sound Income Strategies enable us to give you a broader range of options than most money managers can provide. Rest assured, your strategy will always be customized to your individual needs, goals, stage of life, and personal risk tolerance level.

We chose Sound Income Strategies as our partner because we feel that no other money manager offers such a varied and versatile range of options so well-suited to the diverse needs of our clients and prospective clients. Ours is a partnership that makes sense, and one that greatly enhances our ability to help you, your special needs loved one, and your entire family meet your goals and live your best life!

Meet Our SIS Team of Trusted Financial Professionals

David J. Scranton, CFA®, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®


Rana Chander

Chief Operating Officer

Eric Lutton, CFA®

Chief Investment Officer

Eric Beyrich, CFA®, CFP®

Co-Chief Compliance Officer

Charles Radlauer

Chief Compliance Officer

Barry C. Wheeles

Director of New Business Development

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